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Dampproofing, Waterproofing Building & Insulation Materials
TekTerior® is a sales agency representing manufacturers of quality materials and systems for building construction. Our firm is focused on providing technical solutions for exteriors and building envelope weatherproofing needs.

TekTerior began as the Wiley Bayley Company in 1955, and was known as the NW Company prior to 2001

TekTerior is based in Seattle, Washington, with additional personnel in Kent and Spokane, as well as Portland, Oregon. In addition to Washington and Oregon, TekTerior serves Alaska, Montana, Arizona, and Idaho. 
Insulation and Waterproofing for Frame, Masonry and Concrete walls. 

Foundation Waterproofing, Slab and Perimeter Insulation

Steep and Low Slope Membranes, Underlayments and Tile Products
Distributor Support
We work with a large roster of supremely technically-proficient distributors. Do not hesitate to inquire for referrals, and please be sure to include details about your project location as well as what products you are interested in addressing.
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